Galway Bay

The data shown comes from a combination of real-time observations and numerical models. For more information: show more.
Galway Instrument Map

Significant Wave Height (Finnis Buoy)
Measured Wave Height
Data Source: Irish Lights
Upcross Period (Spiddal Buoy)
Upcross Period Upcross Period (Predicted)
Data Source: MI
Wave Period (Finnis Buoy)
Measured Wave Period
Data Source: Irish Lights
Wave Power (Spiddal Buoy)
Wave Power (per unit crest length)
Data Source: MI
Tide Height (Galway Port)
Predicted Tide Height Measured Tide Height
Data Source: MI
Average Wind Speed (Finnis Buoy)
Wind Speed Wind Direction
Data Source: Irish Lights
Wind Forecast (Galway)
Wind Speed Wind Direction
Data Source: NOAA
Sea Temperature (Spiddal Buoy)
Sea Temperature
Data Source: MI
Mean Current Speed (Spiddal Buoy)
Current Speed Current Direction
Data Source: MI
Wave Height Map
Wave Period Map
Wind Forecast Map
Galway Ticker Widget (Spiddal Buoy)
Wave Height (Hs) Wave Period (Tp)
Sea Temp (oC) Peak Direction (o)
Observation made at
Hydrophone Audio (Cable Obs.)